Soaps Collection - The Bubble Time

It may sound crazy, but these soaps are long lasting. They will serve you for a month or more!

Have you tried any of these soaps? For us it is very important to know your opinion! ♥

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Eva Polakovicova
5 months ago

I absolutely love these soaps! The quality is superb.
The scents are unique and they make your shower...or just washing your hand an ultimate self-care celebration :) My favourite is Apricot&Plum! The best soap I have EVER used so far.
These soaps are all very gentle to your skin and they do not melt easily so you can enjoy them for a while!

5 months ago

Great quality, no doubt. The soap can last for months and does no harm at all.
Looking forward for new purchases.
Nice product, nice service, pure handmade craft. Highly recommended to everyone.

Rating: 5 stars
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