LITTLE TRIP - (Package M)

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LITTLE TRIP  - (Package M)

We have created these cute packages for those who want to include a natural routine into their daily care purposes. These products are made by hand with the best quality materials and also in a sustainable way (zero waste). You can use these products for months (they are long lasting).


This package contains:


- 1x The Three Clays / Avocado & Coconut Charcoal / Lavender & Beesbax (bar soap, 100g)

- 1x The Vegan Deodorant (bigger than usual natural deodorants, 100g)

- 1x  Vanilla Vegan Lips (10g)

- Special Message (customized)


If you want to write a special message inside for your loved one send us an email with the message attached (free costs)



Vegan or vegetarian (if you choose the 'Lavender & Beeswax bar soap), zero waste, artisan and natural treats.