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Grapes & White Clay

Grapes & White Clay
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El aceite de semilla de uva proviene de las semillas prensadas de las uvas. El aceite es un subproducto del proceso de elaboración del vino. Es conocida por suspropiedades antiinflamatorias, antimicrobianas y antioxidantes. Estas propiedades, junto con las altas cantidades de ácidos grasos de la cadena omega y vitamina E contenidas en el aceite de semilla de uva, lo han convertido en un tratamiento tópico popular para la piel.

Se probó el aceite de semilla de uva, junto con una serie de otros ingredientes herbales que pretenden mejorar la elasticidad y suavidad de la piel. La investigación ha demostrado Trusted Source que el ingrediente herbario mejoró: la humedad de la piel, suavidad y la capacidad de recuperarse. El aceite de semilla de uva ayuda a que la vitamina E y la vitamina C de la piel sean más eficientes de confianza y eficaces para preservar la piel.

Contiene un potente ingrediente antioxidante llamado proantocianidina. Este antioxidante puede igualar el tono de la piel cuando se usa en la piel de manera consistente. El aceite de semilla de uva también puede proteger la piel de absorber todo el daño de los rayos UV.


Esta telenovela está hecha con una combinación de arcilla blanca,popular conocida como caolín. El componente principal de la arcilla caolín es la caolitina mineral, que es un mineral de silicato en capas. La arcilla de caolín se encuentra en todo el mundo, pero el nombre proviene de Gaoling, las montañas Kao-ling en China, donde fue extraída durante siglos.

A diferencia de otras arcillas, como la bentonita, la arcilla de caolín blanco no deja la piel seca después de su uso. Suaviza la piel, dejándola tonada y saludable. Es muy suave para la piel y puede ser utilizado por todos, sobre todo para pieles sensibles y secas o pieles maduras. Uno de los beneficios más importantes de la arcilla de caolín es el hecho de que este tipo de arcilla tiene la capacidad de desintoxicar la piel, pero no la seca al mismo tiempo.




INGREDIENTES: Aceite de semilla de Vitis vinifera (aceite de semilla de uva), aceite de Olea europaea (aceite de oliva virgen extra) aqua, butyrospermum parkii mantequilla (manteca de karité cruda), aceite de nucifera de coco (aceite de coco virgen extra), aceite de salvado de oryza sativa (aceite de arroz), hidróxido de sodio (alcalino) caolín (arcilla blanca), fruta de uva y vitamina E.



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In the depths of the sea, for over thousands of year, porous solid masses have developed which are mainly sea zoophytes and show a great absorbent ability. These are spongous or as they are commonly known, sponges. They are applied mainly in pharmaceutical, household and personal hygiene. The natural sponge belongs to the genus of porifera. It is found in various areas of the sea mainly in lukewarm water where there are mild sea currents and at various depths.

Aristotle was the first to observe the presence of animal senses in sponges. Therefore, he categorized them in the animal kingdom. Natural sponge has been used for thousands of years due to its unique qualities. It is very absorbent in water and it creates thick leather while its variety touch softly cleanses the skin.

It is hypo allergic and helps in the best cleansing of the skin without irritating and is suitable for childrens sensitive skin. As a living organism, the sponge deters the accumulation of bacteria thus protecting body hygiene. It is especially long wearing, it does not unravel like industrial sponge nor does it strain or hold odors. Due to its variety surface, it is ideal for massage giving the body a unique relaxation experience.


The grass sponge is the most common one for the use in baths. It is an exceptionally absorbent, also recommended for sensitive skins and can be used for babies as well. The quality is very nice and it's a soft sponge, however we recommend using a fine silk sponge due to the special soft touch for babies and for really sensitive skins.




What you should do when you receive our sponges?  You have to immerse them in water so that they can regain their natural / initial shape. But always make sure that you let them dry 100% before packaging them. The natural sponge it consists of natural fibers, so don't wring it or boil it.


How to wash my natural sponges?

The sponge can be washed in the wool program setting at a maximum of 30 C º C in a washing machine


Size: 12,50-14'50 cm                   Color: Mix yellow & Brown


Sea Sponges from Greece.


Luffa sponges are made from a gourd in the cucumber family. After the plant blooms, the flower develops into a long, gourdlike plant that resembles a giant cucumber or zucchini. The gourds are then harvested and can be left to dry out for up to six months. Dried gourds are soaked in water, peeled, and their seeds are removed. Once they're completely dry, they can be sliced, cut, or shaped in a variety of ways before they're sold as sponges.


Luffa are a natural external hard sponge used in the bath to purify your body. The luffa has excellent exfoliating properties and removes dead skin cells and helps in good blood circulation . It has beneficial properties and also removes the oiliness of the skin, combats cellulite and leaves skin clean and soft.


We don't recommed this type of sponge for really sensitive skins because these fibers are kind of hard. However it can be used for normal, oily skins and skins with impurities.




1 - You should also clean your loofah every week. One older study concluded that regularly cleaning your luffa with a diluted water mixture of 10 percent bleach may reduce your risk of bacterial contamination.

2 - Dip it in the mixture for 5 minutes. After cleaning, rinse it thoroughly with cool water and dry it out completely before putting it somewhere cooler to hang.

-If you want to avoid spreading bacteria with your loofah, completely avoid using it in your genital area. Remember that the perineum is a place where E. coli and other dangerous bacteria sometimes grow, so don't use a loofah on that part of your body, either.

- You should also avoid using it when you're freshly shaved. Your skin is compromised for several days after shaving and bacteria can get past your skin barrier.


Sea sponge is an alternative to luffas. Like luffas, they don't have any dyes, preservatives, or chemicals inside. Sea sponge has some naturally occurring enzymes that kill bacteria. Sea sponge will still need to be cleaned regularly, dried after your shower, and replaced frequently.


Color: natural soft yellow                            Size: 14-16 cm


Luffa sponges from Greece, by Kokkinos.