The pumice stones are ideal for the smoothing out of any calluses that exist on the body. The strIt's suitable for feet or hands care, to remove or scrub the callosity and also rough or dead skin. The structure of the pumice stone is dense, so you will get a strong exfoliation during use.


Put your feet or the affected area in warm water extraction first and slightly rub the dead skin friction parts. It is recommended to relax nerves, to relieve fatigue, to remove dead skin, to make skin smooth and natural and to feel comfortable. Hydrate your exfoliated skin after using the pumice stone. It is very important to remove the hardness of the heels and hydrate them to keep them nourished and cared for.


We don't recommed using pumice stones on delicated or sensitive areas, only on affected areas.





- Simple brushing:

This is the simplest way of cleaning the pumice. Scrub over the pores using a regular cleaning brush to dislodge the particles. Use this method when the stone is dry.


- Hot Water:

After using the pumice for cleaning, hold it under warm running water, and rinse it thoroughly. You can use an old toothbrush to clean the stubborn deposits. Allow it to dry after the process.


- Laundry Cleaning: 

This method is simple and quite effective. Wash the stone in a washing machine after placing it in a thick sock or a pillow case! Don't throuh your stone without covering if you don't wan to break your machine! :). Add detergent in the usual amount used for cleaning clothes and run the machine for one cycle. You can also wash it in a dishwasher  (maybe the best option).


- Cleaning with Soap:

Fill a small bucket with hot water, add washing soap to it, and stir to create the soap solution. Soak the pumice stone in the solution for 10-15 minutes. The hot water and soap will loosen the dirt from the voids. Lightly brush the stone later to clean it sufficiently. Do not forget to let it dry before using it again.


Color: natural white-gray                         Size: 8-10 cm


Pumice stones from Greece.


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