The soaps are fully

Parabens free, perfume free - Natural and sustainable sources

Free shipping cost  €60.


The Craft Bubble is an organic handmade soap maker that it is growing up in Amsterdam since 2019. It's a project made with real love by Marta López, a young entrepreneur from Granada, Spain.


She makes these soaps in a cold process which means they are made in the best procedure in order to keep inside all the properties of the oils, fruits, vegetables, flowers, etc… which are used to make them. After, she takes care of them for a month minimum of healing. You would find unique vegan and vegetarian soaps created to make your skin much healthier and your mind more relaxed.


Now, we also have lip balms, deodorant, serum and sponges!


Did you know that the skin is the largest organ of the human being? Want to know something more? Feel the Super Powers! Yummy! Me gusta!

Free shipping cost to pick up at a central point in Amsterdam! Contact us to choose the point and make an appointment ♥